We are gonna build your virtual world !

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We're still coding something awesome... Grand Launching is on the way..!

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Who We Are & What We Do

Really... Do you like to know..?

Hmm... Well, We are a young and strong developer team born to oxygenate your digital ideas. This is a great launching, but we can not touch the sky yet. We have to fly beyond the winds. Not only winds, we may have to fly over the thunderstorms. But we don't stop flying.
Our journey will be in 3 steps. On the 1st of October, We will launch our web services what you need in Basic Level. We will offer Online Web Design & Development with Hosting Solutions, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Content Management System(CMS) and e-Commerce Web Development, Standalone Agile Software Development, ideaMart App Development, Mobile and Hybrid App Development, Logo and Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and many more stuff.

Yes, We may charge. But you will feel the different. We know how you make satisfied. Our first thing is making you happy. Money is the second. Because, We need to survive within the industry and do something new to the digitalizing society.

We will give you a bit knowledge on what we are gonna do in next stages. At the 2nd stage, We will upgrade our systems and solutions to Internet of Things(IoT), Open Sourch Projects and making a large community and contributors around us. We will also oxygenate free social services and competitions within tech lovers and geeks.

Our 3rd stage is making a space to researches in advance concepts like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning & related things for humanless comuptation in Sri Lanka.

Mean time, we will obeserve all adavanced and trendy technolgies according to the time and space.

Yes, our journey is big. We are at the opening gate to start up a big journey of revolution in technology. We hope your ideas, suggesstions and everything. Thoese things will be more helpful to imporove our journey towards. We love you.

Team i78

Pen Your Mind

Really, We love to hear from you what you need to get from us. Write more adavance things. We need your feedback, idea and suggesstions.

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If you wanna know personally or hope to join with us just say hello to i78..